Social Media Management 

Roxstar Creations focuses on providing measurable results through customized social media marketing solutions. While we’ve probably worked with a company like yours, we take great pride in creating and offering tailored programs for each one of our clients. Our social media savvy team is excited to take your brand to new and exciting (profitable) places. Read below to learn more about what you can expect from our process.


 Our Social Media Process 

What’s important to know about RSC and our process is that we don’t consider you just another organization to toss into our template because we don’t have one and successful social media can’t be cookie-cutter.

Your story, products, and customers’ needs are unique, so we spend time listening, researching, and learning as much as we can to create a customized process that delivers results.

Your RSC social media marketing strategy process will follow these steps

 Let's Get Started! 

~ Social Media Audit

A full review of your marketing and select competitors to further develop strategy.

~ Content Creation & Approval

Content is delivered with your target audience in mind to highlight your unique brand and story.


~ Community Recruitment

We develop a community growth strategy to maximize brand reach to your target market.


~ Strategy Evolution

Through consistent analytics, RSC uses trends to identify larger strategy adjustments. A social media strategy must evolve to stay relevant. Consistent analytics makes this happen.


~ Identify Key Strategies

RSC identifies the best social media channels and sub-communities for your company.


~ Implementation

It’s now time for RSC to build engagement and ads for your company to communicate directly with your target market.


~ Monthly Analytics

Monthly reports keep us all on the same page and identify what needs to change or scale.


~ Repeat

Remove what isn’t working and scale up what has been successful.